Character Commissions

by anonabelle

Hey I'm anonabelle / Anabelle!

This is my commission page for character art with semi-realistic proportions and a cartoon aesthetic.

[email protected]

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2021

Base Rates

for one (1) character

*Philippines-based rates available upon request.

Flat Colors

Detailed line art over full or monochromatic colors. Minimal to no shading. Occasional crosshatching.

Portrait35+ usd
Half Body45+ usd
Full Body55+ usd

Full Render

Detailed line art over full or monochromatic colors. Combination of soft and hard cel shading. Occasional use of patterns and textures.

Portrait50+ usd
Half Body60+ usd
Full Body70+ usd


Fully colored character art with background.

Starts at100+ usd

For elements that add to the complexity of your commission,
a complexity fee will be added in increments of 20 usd.

Such elements include props, accessories, special effects, etc.


You'll receive a digital file of your commission with the following specifications
(if not specified otherwise):

  • JPG or PNG

  • 300 dpi

  • transparent or plain colored background (if custom background not included)

  • default dimensions: 15 x 15 in (square) or A4 portrait/landscape

Plus an optional additional file that is web-friendly so that you can easily share it!

  • JPG

  • 72 dpi

  • 1080px

  • flat/gradient color background of your choice

Not interested in:

R18+, NSFW, excessive gore/violence

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 06 Sept 2021

Any of these terms may be modified depending on the requirements of the commission order. However, this will only be done prior to the start of the commision, which shall begin once payment for the commission is obtained. It is the responsibility of the client to bring up any terms that they wish to have modified, otherwise it is assumed that the client has read and agreed to all listed terms of service.

(In other words: if you, the client, are concerned about any of these terms, please let me know before I start your commission! I'm happy to explain and open to adjusting based on your budget and what you need the commission for.)

I. Before the Commission

I-A. Usage & Rights

  1. The artist will not create anything that falls under the following categories/themes: R18+, nsfw, excessive gore/violence.

  2. The artist may turn down a commission for any reason, without having to provide an explanation.

  3. All listed rates are for a personal use contract, which means that the client is free to use the commission however they like so long as it is not for profit.

  4. The client may request for a commercial use contract prior to the start of the commission; terms must be discussed and agreed upon by both client and artist.

  5. The client may request for a private commission. Terms must be discussed and agreed upon by both client and artist prior to the start of the commission.

I-B. Payment

  1. Payment will be based on the scope and terms of the commission agreed upon by both the client and the artist.

  2. The client must wait for an invoice from the artist before sending over any form of commission payment.

I-B1. Method of Payment

  1. Paypal invoice

  2. Alternative modes of payment may be available to clients based in the Philippines.

1-B2. Schedule of Payment

  1. 100% upfront (mandatory for all commission orders below 50 USD)

  2. 50% downpayment, 50% after commission is finished.

  1. The client will receive an invoice for the final payment after approval of the final, watermarked piece.

  2. After final payment is confirmed, the final, high resolution, unwatermarked piece will be turned over to the client.

I-C. Communication

  1. The artist may be contacted via email ([email protected]), instagram (@anonabelle) or discord (available on request).

  2. The client is responsible for providing a working email address and at least one other reliable means of communication prior to the start of the commission.

II. During the Commission

  1. The artist will only begin on a commission once payment is confirmed.

  2. All works-in-progress (WIP) shared by the artist will be watermarked. This watermark may not be removed or altered in any way.

  3. The client may not share works-in-progress in any public manner.

II-A. Timeframe & Communication

  1. An estimated turnaround time may be given if requested, and will vary based on complexity of the commission and the personal circumstances of the artist. The artist will generally strive to deliver a basic commission within a maximum of 20 working days (4 weeks).

  2. The artist will ensure that the client is kept in the loop on the status of the commission, and will ensure that the client receives at least one (1) work-in-progress update for each stage of the commission.

  3. The client may ask for updates, especially if an update hasn't been given after 5 days.

II-B. Contact

The artist's work schedule and availability is as follows:

  1. Monday to Friday (working days). Updates will be given on any of these days. The artist will be responsive when contacted.

  2. Saturday (half day). Updates may be given on this day. The artist may be contacted on this day, but response time will vary.

  3. Sunday (rest day). Messages sent on this day will receive a reply on the next available work day.

II-C. Revisions

  1. Once the sketch stage has been approved by the client, the artist will not accept any revisions that will drastically alter the commission or take up more time than usual to execute unless it is covered by an additional fee, which both client and artist will discuss and agree upon beforehand. Payment terms listed under section 1-B will apply.

II-D. cancellations & refunds

  1. 50% of the total commission fee is a downpayment, and is considered non-refundable.

  2. If the 100% upfront option was chosen and a client wishes to cancel the commission, they may do so at any stage and will be refunded 50%.

  3. The artist may be forced to cancel the commission due to unforeseen circumstances that will render them unable to complete it. In this case, the client may keep the current WIP and receive a partial refund based on the amount of work done.

  4. No communication from or disrespectful/inappropriate behavior on the part of the client is grounds for cancellation. If payment was made 100% upfront, the client will be refunded 50%.

  5. If the artist fails to clearly communicate the status of the commission to the client, the client may cancel the commission and receive a full refund OR opt to keep the current WIP of the commission and receive a partial refund based on the amount of work done.

III. After the Commission

  1. The artist's signature will be present on each final commission and may not be removed.

  2. The final, unwatermarked commission, and any other deliverables that are part of the commission order, will be turned over to the client via email.

  3. The artist retains the rights to the artwork and any works-in-progress (WIPs) produced.

  4. The artist may use WIPs and finished commissions for self-promotion, portfolio purposes, or printed or digital compilations of their work (ex. art book, zines) at some point in the future.

  5. The client retains the rights to their character/s and intellectual property.

  6. Apart from cropping the work for social media use and any terms of usage discussed and agreed upon by both client and artist prior to the start of the commission, the client may not alter the final work or works-in-progress in any way.

  7. The client may not resell the commission or any works-in-progress produced.

How to Order

I'm currently accepting orders through email ([email protected]). Discord is also possible upon request.

Kindly include the following:

  1. (if email) subject should be: "Character Commission Order"

  2. your name

  3. a description of your commission

  4. references (if possible, compiled into a google drive folder, pinterest board, or similar)

  5. additional requests or modifications to TOS, if any (such as timeframe, your budget, commercial use, private commissions, etc)

You'll be notified when I receive your order, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can so that we can iron out the terms of your order.

Once we've reached an agreement, and invoice will be sent to you. Payment is expected within 24-48 hours. After that is settled, strap in and prepare for WIPs!

For questions and clarifications, kindly use "Character Commission question" as your email subject.